GardenSpace offers a range of landscape design services commencing with an initial site consultation. Further development depends on the complexity of the project.

01 Initial Site Consultation

The initial discussion is used to establish your needs and ideas, and alternative options for development of the garden. Deliverables from this stage are:

  • Consultation Report; notes and sketches as a record of discussion; Sketch (hand drawn schematic)

  • The fee for this initial stage is a standard $330 incl. GST.

  • Following this consultation a Cost Proposal can be forwarded to you which outlines the fee to develop to a Concept Plan and Construction Plans.

02 Concept Plans

Following on from the initial consultation a brief and fee proposal are prepared and provided for the two final design stages of the project.

Concept plans develop the initial sketch plan to CAD drawing standard, showing general arrangement of all elements, and broad details of proposed materials and plants. This provides clients with a clear visual image of the new garden. Deliverables from this stage are:

  • Landscape Plan, giving arrangements & description of all elements and general supporting notes on overall design ideas.

  • Supporting information sheets for planting and materials recommended

  • Works Estimate for the installation of your garden can also be provided at this stage.

03 Construction Plans

This final stage of the design process provides fully developed and resolved plans, including specific plant descriptions & locations, full details & specifications for all built elements, and all other details necessary for construction. Deliverables for this final stage would include:

  • Landscape Plan, amended from Concept Plan stage to reflect developments and changes

  • General Surfaces Plan, providing areas & quantities of materials

  • Levels & Setout Plan, providing clear construction layout details

  • Planting Plan, specific species & locations

  • General Details, standard site preparation and planting details

  • Details (Other), providing specific drawings and specifications for all materials and structures